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सहारा 💫 📚 🙏🏼

Lashes by Omi Gurung was launched  two years ago around this corner and ever since we have been hustling and expanding our brand, this would’ve completely be impossible if it wasn’t for the love and support from all our beautiful sister (Dd-Baini) back home Nepal and here too.

This year, I was able to manifest my dream and contribute profit back home. The feeling is indescribable. So every box of Lashes by Omi Gurung’s products you buy isn’t just for you but you are even contributing a portion for a cause too. This year I was able to make a contribution to my homeland Gurkha -Kaski Gaun (Village) for our little angels. The smiles in their faces literally means everything to me and motives me to work 10 times harder.

I visualised it, I worked for it, I believed in it and I manifested it.

Now 2022, is more about the grind, hard work and focus. Game is on sisters.

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